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UAE Tourist Visa Process Details

Upload Documents

Details for 7 required documents are as follows:


  • Passport should be valid for 6 months from the date of departure.
  • Passport copy of first and second page in color. Citizens born in the following cities are not allowed for UAE/ Dubai Visa: Kurram agency, Larkana, Hunza, Parachinar, Attock, Nawabshah, Sukkur, Kohat, Hangu, Muzafargarh and Skardu.
  • Smart CNIC copy of front and back side in color.
  • Passport size colored photograph with white background.
  • Parents information.

Trip Info

  • Accomodation details.

  • Travel tickets.

Payment Process:

Pay for your visa using a safe and secure payment method.

  • Approval of visa is subject to the decision taken by the immigration. AlCabana shall not be liable for rejection of visa. Visa processing can be delayed if additional documents are required.
See Terms and Conditions

Traveller Details

Our team will update you regarding the visa status soon.

Note: In case of any rejection or modification, our team will contact you on the details you provided.

Passenger Information
Important! Mentioned names and dates should match the traveler’s provided passport or photo identity card.
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Upload images of the passport. First and second page (in color).

Important Citizens born in the following cities are not allowed for UAE/Dubai visa: Kurram agency, Larkana, Hunza, Parachinar, Attock, Nawabshah, Sukkur, Kohat, Hangu, Muzaffargarh, Skardu.

Passport first page

jpg, jpeg, png, pdf

Passport second page

jpg, jpeg, png, pdf

Identity Card

Upload images of the smart CNIC. Front and back (in color).

Front CNIC Image

jpg, jpeg, png, pdf

Back CNIC Image

jpg, jpeg, png, pdf

Personal Photo

Add passport size color photograph with white background.

Passport Size Photo

jpg, jpeg, png, pdf

Travel Tickets

Upload your travel tickets for your respective destination.

Travel Ticket

jpg, jpeg, png, pdf

Trip Info

Basic information about your trip.

Accomodation Details

Confirmation on whether you would be staying at a hotel or managing stay in your personal capacity. (friend or relative)

Hotel Booking

jpg, jpeg, png, pdf

Staying with relative/ friend
Relative ID Card

jpg, jpeg, png, pdf

Price per Adult AED 669
Travel Insurance AED 0
Individual Total AED 669
  • This visa is valid for one-time entry only and your maximum length of stay cannot exceed 39 days.
  • You must enter UAE within 58 days from your date of visa approval.
  • Inclusive of all taxes and miscellaneous charges.
Amount Payable AED 669

Visa processing usually takes 4-7 days.

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