Special Tours

Travel can be a force for good, allowing us to connect with other cultures and communities, educate ourselves, and experience how others live. there’s still an array of unique and compelling places around the world waiting to be experienced and appreciated. Now is the perfect time to start planning for when it's safe to travel again and to inspire those once-in-a-lifetime adventures. At AlCabana we provide personally tailored experiences for the discerning traveler wishing to learn about and experience the most unique and very best of what the world has to offer!

We offer a wide range of holiday packages worldwide based on client’s interests. With our online booking platform, you can book any package. Some of the followings are:

  • Special tours and packages
  • Staycation Packages
  • Pilgrim trips
  • Adventure tours
  • Educational tours
  • Customized holiday packages/tours
  • Corporate travel packages
For further information, please feel free to contact:

Contact: +971-4-5466557-67

Email: sales@alcabana.com

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