We Are AlCabanian

We work with passion, full commitment, and unbeatable guest experience which we offer to our clients. We believe in setting and achieving our targets by challenging ourselves every second and experimenting beyond the traditional ways of this trade.

We are Passionate About Travel

ALCabana’s core team consists of initiative-taking, enthusiastic and professional people having multi nation experiences including UAE, KSA, Africa, Pakistan and more. As a team, we believe in making the travel experience as smooth, as memorable, and as worthwhile it can be. Hospitality is our in-built value which we upheld in all our trips. We do everything from scratch i.e., from booking till the very end, our guides deliver as per the set expectations. The best part about AlCabana is that our prices are unbeatable compared to many other travel companies as well as we do not have any hidden charges.

Our Work Culture

AlCabana promotes human culture, values, and traditions. We value our people, our work and expect a branded house of committed people delivering their tasks with full dedication that covers moral practices and professional attitude. Experiments, creativity, and thinking out of the box is something highly encourage. All such values embedded in our work ethic creates a linear approach for the team to work in cross functional boundaries, achieving a unified goal as a team. We are proud of what we do, the way we do and as a team, as AlCabanaian!

Our Story

It all started in the year 2019 when one of our founding members realized the potential of the travel industry and decided to convert their dream into a reality! Growth was eminent, someone only had to setup this domain for the masses to make the most from. The lack of guest experience compromised heavily in the travel industry was also the main pushing point for us to convert the business idea into reality. Therefore, from this moment onwards, a small but resolute and enthusiastic people joined in hands to make AlCabana as the next best thing to travel with in the middle east or even beyond!

Work with Us

We invite the creative, the enthusiastic the out of the box thinkers to bring value to the table. If you are interested yet committed to deliver, feel free to reach out to us!

We are always on the hunt for talent in the following verticals including content writing, product development, graphic designing, sales and marketing, information technology, governance and finance, social media marketing, business development and more.

Email your CV to us on Don’t forget to mention the name of the field in the ‘subject’ of the email before clicking on ‘Send’.

We wish you the best for your career.


AlCabana Human Resources Team