We Are AlCabanian

We work with passion, full commitment, and unbeatable guest experience which we offer to our clients. We believe in setting and achieving our targets by challenging ourselves every second and experimenting beyond the traditional ways of this trade.

We are Passionate About Travel

We are a bunch of highly passionate and professional individuals who come from diversified industries while working in UAE, KSA, Japan, South Africa, Pakistan, etc., for many years. Travel is our passion and guest hospitality is our in-built value. Traveling through different continents, we always wanted to have an uncompromising guest experience with a desire that someone is always here whether remotely or physically to assist and guide us when we are away from our place. We find this gap in the market and have decided to turn this gap into an exciting opportunity in the form of AlCabana. We love it as it is all about creating and offering a better travel experience to our guests. It does not come as a surprise that AlCabana not only offers exceptional experiences but those too at unbeatable prices. We believe in continuously improving our processes positively to provide an even more enhanced service to our esteemed clients.

Our Work Culture

At AlCabana we appreciate human value, all of us are passionate about our work. We expect all of our team members to be committed to their jobs with a high level of ethical practices and professionalism. We always appreciate creativity, honesty, encouragement, experiments, and celebrate every moment even our failures at work. All these values embedded in our work culture create a congenial teamwork approach towards achieving our goals. All of us are proud to be a part of AlCabana.

Our Story

Back in June 2019, the business idea of establishing an online travel portal struck the mind of one of our founding members while assessing the travel and tourism business-related relaxations and incentives provided by the UAE Government as well the Pakistani Government in this domain. The lack of guest experience compromised heavily in the travel industry was also the main pushing point for us to convert the business idea into reality. This was the beginning of the story. A small group of passionate and fun-loving guys then joined their hands and established the brand ‘AlCabana’ with a clear strategy and direction in mind to become one of the top online travel portals in the world.

AlCabana is here to challenge and change the traditional way of travel management-related services and products in the market especially in UAE and Pakistan. Based on our travel experience across continents, we want to focus on enhancing guest experiences while selling our services and products to our clients and guests.

Work with Us

We always encourage young minds who can bring in creativity with passion and commitment. If you are enthusiastic about working with us, you just need to assess yourself on the values referred to above in ‘Our Work Culture’. We accept CVs in the following areas such as graphic designing, content writing, product development, business development, sales and marketing, social medial marketing, information technology, human resources, governance, and finance.

Email your CV to us on Don’t forget to mention the name of the field in the ‘subject’ of the email before clicking on ‘Send’.

We wish you the best for your career.


AlCabana Human Resources Team