Cancellation Policy

We understand that due to unavoidable circumstances, your plans may change

To cancel or modify your booking we unequivocally suggest, you may do so through our website. All reservations, including modifications and cancelations, are dependent upon the Terms and Conditions and any relevant expenses and charges.

We will process requests for refunds dependent on closures AND/OR the government restrictions within 10 days, notwithstanding, refunds can take as long as 30 days to process, because of external conditions (if any).

Bear in mind all cancelations should be made beforehand – else we can't ensure a refund.

For bookings with arrivals within the next 72 hours: If you need to contact the helpline, just do as such for bookings with arrivals in the following 72 hours. This permits us to focus on our resources and services on the more pressing cases – something that is to everybody's greatest advantage.

For booking with no arrivals in the following 72 hours: Whenever conceivable we might request that you hold back on contacting our helpline and utilize the website instead to cancel or modify your bookings.

Flight Cancellation Policy: Upon cancellation or change of a flight, you may need to pay a change fee, or not be eligible to get a full refund. As a result of the current COVID?19 circumstance, we've acquainted more flexible alternatives to our cancellation policy. You can change or cancel your booking on our website, by using your name and flight reference number to find your booking.


Various fares, including the discounts and promotional fares, will bring about an additional fee for making changes. If you start making changes on, our system will consequently update you on which charges will apply for penalties, extra taxes, or fares differences. These charges should be paid online before you can finish the changes.


Kindly note if the fares of the itinerary you wish to change to is higher than the amount you've effectively paid, you would have to pay the difference in fare notwithstanding any charges.

We want to assure you that at AlCabana we are doing all that could be within reach to help you in regards to the effect of COVID-19 on travel bookings.

Important Notice Before Any Future Bookings:

Please be mindful that local government measures and rules set up by travel companies – including hotels, transfers rental, attractions, tours, and other events – are prompting social distancing measures to ensure the safety of travelers.

Most likely, guests may find that few facilities will justifiably not be accessible for instance, the pool, buffet halls, gyms, etc. Similarly, travelers with tickets for amusement parks, tours, and different exercises may discover a few components have been removed or adapted; and on account of multi-day tours, various limitations could be forced by various local authorities (in any case we will attempt to provide the up-to-date information).

We apologize for any disruption/inconvenience these unavoidable changes may cause.

List of Restricted/Lockdown Destinations:

Destinations mentioned below are at present considered to being under restrictions seen as a total "lockdown" of the country. In this manner, as an exception, assuming a customer can't travel out to and from these nations, additionally, non-refundable rates and Last-Minute will be considered as Force Majeure. Nonetheless, customers must cancel their bookings where they can't travel before check-in for Force Majeure to be applied.


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